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Wales: Ask your Education Councillor to support deaf children!

Ask your Education Councillor to support deaf children

Following elections earlier this year, lead councillors for education have been appointed across Wales. These councillors have a major role in deciding how education services are delivered.

As shown on our National Deaf Children’s Society services  deaf education map, numbers of Teachers of the Deaf in Wales have been falling in recent years. This is despite a new law, which is likely to increase demand on these services.

Please help us to tell the lead education councillor in your area about the importance of support for deaf children.

Simply fill in the form to generate a draft email. You will be able to edit the message before you send it.

If you would like to contact your education councillor in Welsh, please contact [email protected] for a copy of the template email in Welsh.

Os hoffech gysylltu â’ch cynghorydd addysg drwy'r Gymraeg, cysylltwch â [email protected] am gopi o’r templed e-bost yn Gymraeg.

Please note: this action is only for people living in Wales

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